The 50 Uprise movement aims to leave a mark on hearts and minds through mindful content. With hopes of spreading more good vibes.

Join the movement. Create to Elevate.

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To people who have sessions. Please read ALL of the information listed below NO REFUND policy.

There is a very specific way this project has to be done due to the extremely low cost and amount of people our small team have to manage. Filming can often be a long process from the initial idea to planning, props, extras, lighting and then eventually filming, 50Uprise is about bringing it back to RAW TALENT. 

Usually, 1 Video can take up to 10Hours+ to shoot. Doing 50 of these would be impossible for us as we would have to be out of work for 2 months to deliver all of these and have them edited etc.

We’ve hand-picked several outdoor locations with quintessential London textures for the backdrop of each video. So come prepared with your own props and people to do what you love doing, the process is simple, quick but impactful so make sure your piece is what you want it to be!

Starting Monday the 8th August (between 8am – 6pm) each video will be shot within 50 minutes, leaving 10 minutes for a short interview about your experience.

The process we have developed below allows us to at least cover our expenses and the equipment, so we can focus on giving you the best video we can, at basically no budget. With a super fast turnaround.

Videos will be shot on a Sony FS7 camera by Sebastian Thiel. We really wanted to offer this to as many people as possible. So we can collectively spread more good vibes.

Trust our process

> We will be shooting the 50uprise videos from 8th to 12th August only. Between 8-6pm
> You will have a 50min session to do your thing.
> Your content should be about 2mins. This is so you get a better-looking video.
> The area of the shoot will be determined by the day you choose. Pick accordingly.
> You can, Sing, rap, act, do poetry, paint, magic, design, do sports the list is endless.
> We have handpicked locations in these areas.
> The only thing we ask is that the content is impactful / mindful / Entertaining
> Turn up ON TIME. Each slot will last 50 minutes and can not run over.  Arrive 15mins earlier than your allocated time.


Monday: Old street, Shoreditch, Bethnal Green
Tuesday : Old street, Shoreditch, Bethnal Green
Wednesday : Old street, Shoreditch, Bethnal Green
Thursday : Hammersmith
Friday : Hammersmith

See preselected locations below on our facebook

Old street, Shoreditch, Bethnal Green


The key is to be flexible on the day, as we will be gorilla shooting the videos! So, if an area is mad busy, we may need to find another spot etc. As we cannot pay to block off roads 🙂 Come on, it’s only £50 lol.

If you know the area well and have a spot you want to use. Then we are happy to discuss this and maybe shot in a different spot. Depending on time etc.

Editing / Ownership

Once your piece has been filmed, our team will edit and grade your video. If you require any changes it will cost our usual rate of £40 per hour. Your video will be delivered within 1-2weeks. You will then own 100% of the content and be able to do what you wish with it.

Important booking confirmation

We will call you on Friday 5th August to briefly discuss what you want to do and what location you like.  This will give us a quick feel of your idea. We will also be able to answer some little questions you may have.

We will then send a confirmation email detailing where exactly you should meet us. This will be sent over the weekend. If we don’t get through to your phone we will give you a default location of our choice and you will not be able to choose. Unless you email us at

No Refunds

No refund policy after booking unless we cancel your booking. So read everything carefully and ensure you’re happy.

Our last words

Please bare in mind that on set there will be NO electricity, hair and makeup or props so bring what you need to make your video the best it can be.

Get creative, have fun and bring some good vibes with you on set! O yeah, and don’t be late. No refunds policy.

Create to Elevate.


Upshot Family


If you have a question, please ensure it’s not answered in this write-up. We would appreciate that a lot guys.